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Wow man - thank you so much! I'm pleased to say that out of the 5 masters I received back, yours definitely sounded the best. 


Not only that, but the level of service you provided was miles above and beyond anything that anybody else did. Not only did you recognise and correct or point-out the (unintentional) glitches in the mix, but your report was quite simply the most attentive, detailed and useful feedback I've ever had on my music. 


Nobody else gave me any feedback on the music or the mix, and they all missed the glitches! :) 

So pat yourself on the back bro, you are officially the mayor of master-town! :D 

Steve Young  (Hedflux / Luminus Music - UK)

I took Ady up on his Mix Appraisal Service for a track that I was struggling with. He broke it down into areas to improve the mixdown and gave me arrangement ideas and general tips.

Each recommendation was detailed, easy to follow and as such he's helped turn my track from an ok track into a great sounding track.

A massive thumbs up from me, I will definitely be coming back for the final mastering treatment.

Derren - Omega Flight (UK)

Thanks for the masters they are really solid, I'm really happy with them.

Julian Fougea - Digital Talk / Stretch (France)

I was very happy with the masters and I will most definitely use your services for my album!

Gerhard Oliver - Lost and Found (South Africa)

Top notch mastering. More than happy with the results on my tracks and without doubt Ady's experience makes a difference.

Very professional and full of good advice it's really a pleasure to work with him to finalise my work.

Sylvain Cornut - Brain Driver (France)

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